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“I believe you should continuously grow in loving your life, sharing love with others, and inspiring others to love their lives. My profession as a DJ and entrepreneur allows me to do that in the best way I know how.”

In the year 1999, Chicago 8th grader Michael Majerowicz began playing guitar, writing his own music and competing in talent competitions. After graduating from Gordon Tech High School, he attended Winona State University on a Football Scholarship where he spent a good amount of time studying party dynamics; although he also ended up with a Master’s Degree. In 2008, Michael put together a team of dedicated students, university staff, and local government officials to throw a party that was worthy of a special on the History Channel. Michael's first event shut down surrounding bars in the area, gained national press coverage, and laid out the groundwork for Upscale Winona LLC, a nightlife event hosting company which established in 2009. Michael now recruited and studied the top DJs in the Midwest. The DJs he studied under then began to bring them into their events and his career as a professional DJ had launched. Under the name of Milk Party Rock, he began to open and close for names such as Ke$ha, Pauly D, and Skrillex. Michael has performed for companies such as Shape Magazine, The CrossFit Games, and the Minnesota Vikings. His country music redrum side-project on Soundcloud has gained over 1 million plays. After running a nightclub in Winona for 5 years, completing a 2 year residency at the University of Minnesota go-to spot “Blarney’s”, and completing a mixing and mastering program at Slam Academy, Milk Majer is highly sought after and is regularly booked as one of the top party-rocking, performance DJs in the area. When he is not in the DJ booth Michael enjoys spending time with his family including his 8 Year old son Baer and 6 year old daughter Rogue.

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