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Now in a simple, collaborative, accessable Google Doc.

Reception Venue Phone Number:


Name of Reception Hall Contact:


Phone Number for Hall Contact:


What time am I able to setup?:


Wedding Coordinator (if applicable) or secondary contact info (site contact, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Parent, etc):


Names of Parents:


Traditional / Private Residence?


How many people will be attending your wedding?


Will you be requiring additional mood lighting such as uplights (additional charge)?:


Is there a slide show or video you will be showing?:


Will you need a projector / projector screen?


I will be guiding you through the entire night to make sure that things are happening at the right times.


Please feel free to be creative and choose whatever songs you like to customize your wedding in any way your imagination takes you. I can attain most music; even if it is not in my 40,000 song database. I can also make additional custom versions of songs for you (additional charge).



Do you need me to provide a speaker setup for your ceremony (additional 150)?


Is there an extra mic needed for a musician or vocalist?:  


Time of Ceremony:

Processional (Groom, Officiant, Parents):


Wedding Party Processional (Wedding Party, Flower Girl and Ring Bearers):


Music for Bride's Processional:


Other Music (Unity Candle, Tree, Sand, Wine Box, etc):


Music for Recessional:






Time of Cocktail Hour:


Cocktail Music: Usually love filled classic and modern vocalists, acoustic cover songs, soundtrack music, and instrumentals.




Time of Grand March (typically 15 minutes before dinner):


When you arrive to the reception site send someone over to the DJ booth to let me know. I will meet the bridal party outside of the room to get them lined up and pumped up for the grand march. I will be going over name pronunciations with you approximately 3 weeks before your special day.


How would you like to run the grand march music (please list song pertaining to answer)?


  • 1 song for everyone

  • 1 for the wedding party and another song for the bride and groom

  • 1 song for each couple


In the order that you would like them to be introduced, please list the people that you would like to be introduced for the grand march (typically this is the wedding party followed by the bride and groom but can also include ushers, parents, ring bearers, flower girls):


Would you like to go strait into the cake cutting (recommended) or wait until after dinner (I typically like to do cake cutting immediately following the grand march while everyone's attention is on you. It also gives the staff time to cut the rest of the cake for desert if it is the same cake. Every wedding is different thought and the final decision is completely customizable)?


Is there a hashtag that you would like people to use when they post pictures to social media? If so what is that hashtag?


Is there a custom Snapchat filter for your event?




Time of Dinner:


Will there be a dinner welcome?


If so who will be doing the welcome?


Will there be a prayer?


Prayer Host (if applicable):


Is it a plated, buffet, or family style dinner?


If it is a buffet style dinner will you need me to release the tables?


Dinner Music: Acoustic/Piano/Violin/Jazz/Chill Covers/Remixes of Love-Filled Popular Songs


Time of Speeches (Recommendation: after last plate is served unless there are a lot of speeches):


Who will be giving speeches:


How would you like to run the clinking of the glasses? Pick from below or suggest an idea.


  • Standard kiss when people clink glasses

  • Bride or groom pick a specific couple (Recommended)

  • Couple who starts the clink has to kiss first.

  • Bride or groom draws a couple from a fishbowl.

  • Donate to charity for a kiss.

  • Hole in one (golf) or sink a long distance bag shot for kiss (you provide equip.)

  • Head table as judges (you provide equip.)

Additional Dinner Games (Scavenger Hunt: Individual or table team. You print out a list of clues on the tables.), Table Race (Photographer takes picture of bride and groom with every table within one song), Shoe Game.




Before the first dance I will need to make sure that the parents of both parties are by the dance floor and ready to go. Also, one of you will be giving me a thumbs up that you are ready before each dance so I know exactly when to start the music. I will be there to guide you through this on your wedding day.


Time of First Dance:


First Dance Song: Bride/Groom:


2nd Dance Song: Father/Daughter Dance Song:


3rd Dance Song: Mother / Son Dance Song:  


Would You like to do a Group Photo?


4th Dance Song (typically open the dance floor to wedding party then guests): Party starting music to get people on the dance floor.


Do you want to have an Anniversary Dance?


Do you want to have a Dollar Dance?


Time of Anniversary Dance / Dollar Dance (Recommendation: about 45 minutes into the dance):


Do you want to have a bouquet toss?


Do you want to have a garter toss?


Time of Boquet / Garter Toss (Recommendation: around 10 pm unless you want the photographer to get photos of it):


How would you like the garter to be given away after removal (toss or auction)?


Additional Dance Games (Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance, Trivia, Dance Off Competition, Shoe Game):


Time of Last Dance:



Music for Dollar Dances:


Music for Anniversary Dance:


Music for the Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies Beyonce, Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cindy Lauper, Move B*tch-Ludacris, Sexy Ladies-Akon Feat Don Omar:


Music for the Garter Toss/Auction: Mission Impossible Theme (Tiesto Remix), Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye, Pony - Ginuine


General Track Suggestions:


Music for the Last Song of the Night: Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond, Glad You Came - The Wanted


Preferred Genres:




Cultural or Traditional Music:


More traditional wedding dance music, more modern music, or mix of both?:


Must Plays:


Do Not Play List:


I am able to handle any requests although I generally take control by reacting to the crowd and dictating the music that will keep the party going.

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